Friday, October 14, 2016

The Trip has started

Left Newcastle WY on Tuesday Morning at 10:00AM a little later than we expected but we were heading to Billings the first night.  My brother realized on the west side of Newcastle that he had forgotten to get his insulin so back to his house we went. At 11:00AM we were on the road again.

Arrived at Gillette WY and had to stop to get a prescription filled which was supposed to take 25 min. and ended up taking over an hour.  So far we had traveled approximately 90 miles in 3 1/2 hours.

A check of the weather showed we were going to be in for a snowstorm.  North of Sheridan WY the snow started coming down.

We pushed on to Billings MT and arrived around 6:30PM  traveled about 320 miles the first day.

We had to back into our camping stalls and since it was almost dark I failed to see the tree limb and backed into it damaging my ladder on my camper. 

Woke up Wednesday morning with a chilly 18 degrees outside, glad I had a fireplace in my camper.

What a beautiful day to travel to Missoula MT our next stop. 

There is a reason they call Montana the Big Sky Country.

On Thursday we left Missoula for Moses Lake WA where my brother Greg and Jen live.

The day was a Clark Grisswald day as my brother mistakenly put 87 Octane gasoline in his diesel truck.  3 hr's  later tank drained and new fuel filters installed. We headed on to Moses lake in a downpour of rain hence no pictures.

In Moses Lake WA at the Suncrest RV Park. I would rate this as the best park I have stayed at.

Today, we were headed to Wal-mart for groceries and to Verizon to get a hotspot.  I have not been able to blog due to the poor Wi-Fi service in the RV parks we have stayed in. 
A short trip lasted all day and we ended up driving to Wenachee WA. 
Discovered the Blue Spoon frozen yogurt shop.  Yogurt was great. My brother Greg enjoying his yogurt.

Tomorrow we are taking a day to rest and touring Grand Coulee Dam on Sunday.


  1. Like this one. Good pics! Montana looking beautiful

  2. That fireplace does look lovely. Wish I could install one in my tent, haha!