Saturday, October 22, 2016

Made it to Bandon OR

Going to try to catch you up on the trip after arriving in Moses Lake WA.  Saturday night we went to Michaels by the lake a very nice restaurant.  Had some very good food.  If you are ever in Moses Lake WA I would highly recommend going out for dinner there. This is a picture of Moses Lake from the patio of Michaels and a picture of me with my two brothers and sisters-in-law.

On Sunday we traveled to Grand Coulee Dam and stopped along the way at the world's largest Dry Waterfalls.

On Monday we were headed to some wineries and breweries but after we got about 45 miles on the road Jimmy received a phone call from the Suncrest RV park manager that there was water running out of his camper.  We turned around and headed back to see what was going on.  Another Clarke Griswold event.  Fortunately it was just overflow from his fresh water tank.  Nothing that hurt anything inside.

On Tuesday we left Moses Lake WA and drove to Freeport OR along the beautiful Columbia River valley.

We left Wednesday morning for our final destination Bandon OR driving down 101 hyway along the coast.  The trees lined both sides of the road so you could see the ocean most of the time but it was a beautiful drive.

Once in Bandon we took a short trip around the area and stopped to get some pictures.

 Yesterday morning when I got up I introduced myself to some of the local wildlife at our RV park.

Friday was a beautiful day and so we went to the coast to see the ocean.  Fishing has been awful as they had a huge storm a week ago that dumped 4 inches of rain in Bandon. No one is catching anything and won't be for a few more days until the runoff water clears out of the bay and the ocean acidity gets back to normal. We ate some clam chowder at Diane's bait tackle and seafood Diner.

Heathcliff the seagull was begging for some food outside the Diner.

So far I have really enjoyed living in my 5th wheel camper and Max is doing great growing like a weed.


  1. Good post Papa!!!

    More updates on Max and pictures, please!

    Megan and Emma

  2. What is the thing on the beach? It looks like a couple of people cowering and covered in seaweed...creepy.

    1. I'm not sure but I think it is drift wood with Kelp stuck to it

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