Sunday, October 30, 2016

Max's first bicycle ride

The rack and basket I ordered came in to the bike shop so had them install it and took it back to the RV park to test it out.  Max acted like he had done this before but I know he hasn't.  I think he just wanted to show me how cool he is about everything we do.

Trip to see the Sea Lions and Seals

We decided jthat since the rain finally stopped and the sun came out to go for a drive to Simpson Reef and bay.  You could sure hear the Sea Lions and Seals bark even though we were quite long way away.  It sure is beautiful in this part of the world and I have seen a lot of things that I have never seen before.  I am really enjoying my trip.

We had a nice guy offer to take our picture it turned out pretty good.

We continued up the coast and went to Clarkston OR where they farm raise oysters I bought a pint for $4.87 which was very reasonable to say the least.

On Saturday with the sun shinning we head for Port Orford to go crab fishing there were a lot  of crab boats docked on the pier waiting for the commercial crab fishing season to start.  The season begins January 1st.  Soon the pots will fill the pier and the boats will be hoisted into the water.

On the North side of the peer there was a Gray whale and her calf. I tried to get a picture of her when she was up and out of the water but by the time I spotted her it was too late to get the photo. I was able to get a photo of her blowing the water out of her spout.

We finally were able to do some crab fishing. We caught about a dozen but only 2 were keepers they have to be 5 3/4 inches across the shell to keep them. It was a interesting day and a lot of fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Old in Age but not in spirit

I sold my motorcycle 2 yrs ago August.  I really have missed riding.  So made the decision to get back on a bike again.  Its not that fancy but it is sure fun. I have a basket ordered and a rack to put on it so Max can go for a ride with me.  Also my fifth wheel has a nice overhead cover for providing protection from the elements.

Yesterday was a beautiful day even though it was a bit cloudy.  Jimmy and I decided to take a drive and he showed me various places that he has visited in the past.  I took a few pictures along the way.

Here is a picture of the light house located on the North Jetty of the Coquille River.  I also took some pictures of what seemed to be a very angry ocean.  These were taken about 2hrs before low tide.

Not sure where the driftwood came from but suspect it was washed up and planted sometime during high tide. 

As we were driving along I spotted this sign which made me laugh.  I think it is awesome that Horses have there own place they camp.  Wonder if the fees include fresh hay and oats daily. :)

From here we went to the Bandon Dunes golf resort.  Not sure but I think that there are approximately 6 different courses to play.

This morning and forecast for the day is rain and more rain.  Giving me the time to post to the blog.
Max is sleeping by my feet and hasn't moved for over 2 hrs.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Made it to Bandon OR

Going to try to catch you up on the trip after arriving in Moses Lake WA.  Saturday night we went to Michaels by the lake a very nice restaurant.  Had some very good food.  If you are ever in Moses Lake WA I would highly recommend going out for dinner there. This is a picture of Moses Lake from the patio of Michaels and a picture of me with my two brothers and sisters-in-law.

On Sunday we traveled to Grand Coulee Dam and stopped along the way at the world's largest Dry Waterfalls.

On Monday we were headed to some wineries and breweries but after we got about 45 miles on the road Jimmy received a phone call from the Suncrest RV park manager that there was water running out of his camper.  We turned around and headed back to see what was going on.  Another Clarke Griswold event.  Fortunately it was just overflow from his fresh water tank.  Nothing that hurt anything inside.

On Tuesday we left Moses Lake WA and drove to Freeport OR along the beautiful Columbia River valley.

We left Wednesday morning for our final destination Bandon OR driving down 101 hyway along the coast.  The trees lined both sides of the road so you could see the ocean most of the time but it was a beautiful drive.

Once in Bandon we took a short trip around the area and stopped to get some pictures.

 Yesterday morning when I got up I introduced myself to some of the local wildlife at our RV park.

Friday was a beautiful day and so we went to the coast to see the ocean.  Fishing has been awful as they had a huge storm a week ago that dumped 4 inches of rain in Bandon. No one is catching anything and won't be for a few more days until the runoff water clears out of the bay and the ocean acidity gets back to normal. We ate some clam chowder at Diane's bait tackle and seafood Diner.

Heathcliff the seagull was begging for some food outside the Diner.

So far I have really enjoyed living in my 5th wheel camper and Max is doing great growing like a weed.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Trip has started

Left Newcastle WY on Tuesday Morning at 10:00AM a little later than we expected but we were heading to Billings the first night.  My brother realized on the west side of Newcastle that he had forgotten to get his insulin so back to his house we went. At 11:00AM we were on the road again.

Arrived at Gillette WY and had to stop to get a prescription filled which was supposed to take 25 min. and ended up taking over an hour.  So far we had traveled approximately 90 miles in 3 1/2 hours.

A check of the weather showed we were going to be in for a snowstorm.  North of Sheridan WY the snow started coming down.

We pushed on to Billings MT and arrived around 6:30PM  traveled about 320 miles the first day.

We had to back into our camping stalls and since it was almost dark I failed to see the tree limb and backed into it damaging my ladder on my camper. 

Woke up Wednesday morning with a chilly 18 degrees outside, glad I had a fireplace in my camper.

What a beautiful day to travel to Missoula MT our next stop. 

There is a reason they call Montana the Big Sky Country.

On Thursday we left Missoula for Moses Lake WA where my brother Greg and Jen live.

The day was a Clark Grisswald day as my brother mistakenly put 87 Octane gasoline in his diesel truck.  3 hr's  later tank drained and new fuel filters installed. We headed on to Moses lake in a downpour of rain hence no pictures.

In Moses Lake WA at the Suncrest RV Park. I would rate this as the best park I have stayed at.

Today, we were headed to Wal-mart for groceries and to Verizon to get a hotspot.  I have not been able to blog due to the poor Wi-Fi service in the RV parks we have stayed in. 
A short trip lasted all day and we ended up driving to Wenachee WA. 
Discovered the Blue Spoon frozen yogurt shop.  Yogurt was great. My brother Greg enjoying his yogurt.

Tomorrow we are taking a day to rest and touring Grand Coulee Dam on Sunday.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Today was the first day of starting my trip to Bandon, OR.  As I was stowing things away Max was patiently waiting to go.  My first leg was from Bertrand NE to Newcastle WY which is where my brother Jimmy lives.  He and I are caravanning in our 5th wheels for the length of the trip.

Max was playing with a plastic water bottle, he sure likes to chew on them.

I observed the dark clouds in the west and realized after a quick check of the radar that we would be heading into some rain.  Rain it did north of Ogallala and by the time I got to Lewellen it turned into snow.  The flakes were very large and melted as fast as they landed on the windshield.

The snow continued until I reached Bridgeport NE which is just east of Chimney Rock, I had hope to get a picture but the rain and clouds didn't allow for it.

As I got into Scottsbluff I observed the very large piles of sugarbeets waiting for processing. I didn't stop to get a picture but wished later I had.

On to WY I went and as I turned north on Hiway 85 towards Newcastle the sun started to break through the clouds.  I saw herd after herd of Antelope feasting on the dry prairie grass.

I'll be spending a few days here in Newcastle as my brother is the director of the local church melodrama performance.  I plan on attending two nights performances. "Blazing guns at Roaring Gulch". Melodramas are fun to see and you get to hiss and boo the villain and cheer the damsel.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Puppy is here

The new puppy is awesome.  I am enjoying him tremendously.  He has me wrapped around his paw.
We have been playing tug of war with a blanket and a chew toy I bought for him.  He chews on everything but is starting to learn the command "NO".  So far have had a few accidents with the potty training, does well when I pay attention.  We are both learning together.  He sleeps on his back or front just depends on when the mood strikes him. 

I think he is going to make a great travel companion.  We are taking off on our adventure to Bandon, in 2 weeks.  Hope he does well on the potty training by then.